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Colleen Benson, ACP, SFR

Colleen Benson, ACP, SFR

Colleen Benson is a 20 year veteran of the real estate industry and has represented clients all over northern Illinois in hundreds of real estate transactions. Colleen has built a solid foundation of clients through her professionalism, having strong listening and communicating skills, and valuing each and every client, individually.

A full-time REALTOR from Braidwood, she is as passionate about the business as ever. “I can honestly say I still love my job. I pride myself on keeping up with the ever-changing real estate industry by being a lifelong learner.” Colleen has continued to leverage her work ethic and experience to exceed her client’s expectations. An annual multi-million dollar producer, Colleen says, “The only way this is accomplished is by referrals from past, happy clients and, hard work and dedication to each and every one of them.”

In her free time, Colleen loves spending time with grandkids in nature, fishing and camping. Time with family is something Collen doesn’t take for granted.